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The Backyard

The Backyard

AUSTIN, Texas ¬– January 14, 2009 – On Tuesday, January 13, James T. O’Connor, President of Direct Events, and John Paul DeJoria received approval from the City of Bee Cave to change the zoning of the proposed land for the new Backyard. With approximately 200 people in attendance, the Council’s approval was met with a standing ovation from the crowd and the Direct Events staff.

The new location will be off of Highway 71, west of the 620 intersection, consisting of just over 35 acres. The frontage entrance will be located on the proposed Bee Cave Parkway extension and will be adjacent to the 50 acre Bee Cave City Park. Groundbreaking will begin this spring.

“I would like to personally thank John Paul DeJoria, David Armburst with Armburst & Brown, Patty Aykers, Zelda Auslander and Felix Benavidez with The City of Bee Cave and the entire Bee Cave City Council for helping us move forward with the new construction,” said O’Connor.

Sixthriver Architects will lead the design phase of the new Backyard, which will expand capacity from approximately 5,000 to 7,500 and all parking will be contained onsite. To insure that each aspect of this new venue is as environmentally friendly as possible, O’Connor has created a Green Team. Members include: John Jansing of Gray, Jansing & Associates, Inc, Connie Nelson and Tyra Kasey.

The original Backyard was constructed in 1993. O’Connor closed its doors on October 26, 2008 with a final celebration of the past 16 years of live music.

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